Kutlu Gürelli, Enteriyör, 2014
Başak Kaptan, 02, hands_black007
Liken, garipdostlardir-atlas

Artists: Başak Kaptan, Evrim Kavcar, Evren Erlevent, Kutlu Gürelli

Temas I Contact


Opening: 24’th May 2018, Thursday, 18.00

Başak Kaptan, Evrim Kavcar, Evren Erlevent, Kutlu Gürelli

The group exhibition “Contact”, which gathers the works of Başak Kaptan, Evrim Kavcar, Evren Erlevent and Kutlu Gürelli will be on view from 24’th May till 24’th June at REM Art Space. The exhibition consists of various disciplines like photography, video, painting, and installation.

The exhibiton “Contact” has not been organized around a concept and its context that is apriori to the production of works. Today’s blief for the production art that one needs to have a “concept”, –“…because almost everyone has a favourite “concept” especially about a person, a place or a thing they know“- provoked artists of this exhibiton to think and work at the opposite direction. Contributing artists share the same worry about current art’s threat on the subjecthood and the selfhood which is repressed by art’s socialization process and the artists aim to search and present this layer of selfhood genuinely with its whole potentiality.

Başak Kaptan brings her childhood memory together with the social roles like motherhood in her work “Sighing” (2018). Kaptan prepares her papers with wax , white oil pastel and blach guage paint and later she scratches these papers to draw rotoscopic images of the video showing her and her daughters’ hands. These drawings, which later become the frames of a rotoscopic animation, are hanged on to the wall in a sequence in order to make a map of a linear editing fort he viewer where he/she can read frame by frame in time. Among these frames, artist inserts divergent frames of images and motions, however which connot be seen in the animation video, leading the viewer to detect a different version of story line.

Kutlu Gürelli creates a perception which oscilates between the illusion of painting and the sense of materiality caused by the painting’s objecthood on the rescaled picturesque sections that derive from the surfaces we come across in daily life. While the surfaces of contact initiate a particular tactile memory, they show the traces of gestures left by an anonymous subject.

Liken, an artist collective (Evrim Kavcar, Evren Erlevent, Başak Kaptan), stages the states of a subject who wants to start a dialog with stone in the video installation called “Odd Friends They Are” (2015). “Odd Friends They Are” turns the situations of an impossible conversation and the imcompatibility among the parties of the dialog into a visual diary.

The gestures, which are conjuctive elements among the works at this exhibiton “Contact”, may assert the defining aspect of the active and resistant subject and these gestures let selves be occured that are both producers and viewers and which may be propose tot he future after all.

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