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Mirror I Mirror

A green color, a broken water pipe, a white horse. Details catch the eye, for the draftsman as well as for the photographer. We have found points in our material that overlap. Perhaps not so amazing considering that we are reflecting on the same city? “Mirror Mirror” – to mirror the mirror – as we want to mirror the city we have stayed in and show the reflections and impressions it has made on our specific image productions.

An assigned residency has given Cai-Ulrich von Platen and Jeanette Land Schou a unique opportunity to live and work in Istanbul for an extended period of time. The Residency program granted by the Danish State Art Foundation comes to an end on 31/12, and we are thus the last two of a number of Danish artists who have been given this chance.
We wish to mark our encounter with the city in a joint exhibition where our individual art productions goes into a dialogue.

A series of photos of Jeanette Land Schou that goes into dialogue with Cai Ulrich von Platen’s drawings. This means new editing of the images and a focus on color and material in the photo. The images will be in small formats that correspond with the formats in which von Platen works, but apart from that, it is a continuation of photographic discourse. The series consists of street photography, still lifes and snapshots that focuses on the detail. Another series is “Candeliers of Istanbul. In terms of genre, it is street photography. But the streets are only seen as reflections in the windows of chandelier shops, revealing both the inside selection of lamps, and the outside buildings and streets.

Cai-Ulrich von Platen paper works are often based on a method in which the motive or the narrative is the result of a long and fluid process, more than a prior idea. Therefore they are very different, and in different constellations (including photography) they can create new and surprising meaning.