Müge Yıldız, swimmer, 2017
Osman Nuri İyem,geleceksizeuzakgelecek, 2017
Zeren Göktan, arkabahçe 4, beklenmedik hareketler serisi,2017

Artist: Borga Kantürk, Müge Yıldız, Osman Nuri İyem, İrem Tok, Zeren Göktan, İlhan Sayın, Magnús Logi Kristinsson

Curated by Firdevs Kayhan I M. Wenda Koyuncu


Düşüş: koltuk boşluğu I La Chute

La Chute

Opening: 5 April 2018 Thursday, 18:30

Borga Kantürk, Müge Yıldız, Osman Nuri İyem, İrem Tok, Zeren Göktan, İlhan Sayın, Magnús Logi Kristinsson

REM Art Space is hosting an exhibition called “La Chute” from 5th of April until the 7th of May jointly curated by Firdevs Kayhan and M. Wenda Koyuncu. This multidisciplinary exhibition will include photography, videos, sculpture and installations.

A man settled into his armchair while his body is in utter silence and his eyes are wide open. The air that blowing particles of dust, casts slight shadows inside the room. The body fall faster while moveable fixations deepens the pit of consolidation. The fall manifests its existence in motion, whereas selfishness manifests itself within the object. Nobody has a priority over selfishness, object and the fall. The deepness of armchair’s seat will open a depth on the ground and will be a witness to eristic eyes. Whether the objects will be liked or not ; a beautiful music, a small advance, a tranquil wait, will keep the eyes open.

The exhibition is inspired by by Albert Camus’s book called The Fall (La Chute/1956). The exhibition covers the human being’s practices of resistance and submission through their own inner life whom are squeezed between fears, distress and worries while making its references to book. İlhan Sayın’s charcoal pencil drawings yield earthly, civil life’s fragile, deathly and transient traces into a deep emptiness while Borga Kantürk’s photographs from his series “Koltuklar” accompanies it. Nomad swimmer’s video which was filmed by Müge Yıldız during her residency in Bulgaria, is inspired by an American film called Swimmer made in 1968 and invites us to contemplate on the methods of resisting against the gravity. İrem Tok’s installation, consisting of metal pallets gives response to Yildiz’s swimmer from reverse side. A photo called “Arkabahçe (Backgarden)”, from Zeren Göktan’s series called “Beklenmedik Hareketler (Unexpected Actions)” and a photo called “Gelecek size uzak gelecek (Future will be far to you)” from Osman Nuri İyem’s series called Kayıt Kayıt Altında (Recording under Record)” observes the impossibility of evading loneliness and isolation under various contexts. The video work by the Icelandic performance artist Magnús Logi Kristinsson, titled “I tried my best to see my name there”, expresses the physical changes in the body of an artist who attempts to run without previous practice or training.

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