Artist: Ahmet Duru, Başak Kaptan, Banu Çolak, Melike Kılıç, Nejat Satı, Reysi Kamhi, Ömürhan Alptekin, Tuğçe Dayıoğlu



Fragile Borders of the Private Space

Due to the fact that current living conditions are closely tied to consumption, subject is deprived of her essence. Positions differing according to the space every single individual occupies hardly allow any room for self-expression. Acting like a machine that has no self-reflection, in their practices people start manifesting nothing but their own alienation.

Given the concretion of all spaces, persons and moments that we used to be know once, we are already left alone by such ever-increasing unbearable despair. Back yards have therefore become of particular importance, providing us with a personal space where there is neither profit nor interest that can distort the seek for self-understanding.

Back yards are the store of our own existence: what they are to mean or how they are to transform; all this depends on us. As such, they in fact witness all the moments we soliloquize.

Back yards are fragile spaces surrounded by secrets and confessions as well as hosting the most honest self-questionings. Their life experience is no separate from ours; thus they also represent the very contradiction as follows: despite our reluctance to break with the structures imposed, we do still keep our hopes for more genuine relations.

The proliferation of paradoxes is inevitable at this stages, no matter how sheltered we perceive our home from conflicts of the outside world. Narrowing our mind, inertia also causes a great nostalgia for the past.

The forthcoming exhibition ‘’Back Yard’’ in REM annihilates the above-mentioned dichotomy, dichotomy between public and private spheres. It offers a ground to share our atomistic experiences of feeling stuck. As a reflection of our own nature that we feed and grow in back yards, the exhibition also develops a dialogue with audience and constitutes a verbal memory.

Mehmet Kahraman / Curator