Dust of time

4 September 2015,

11 October 2015

The exhibition ‘Dust of Time’ is a journey accompanied with a poetic language, inspired by the movie that gave the exhibition its name by Greek producer Theodoros Angelopoulos, that was about being left at the crossroads on every border. We are living in a dystopic world where collective life practices are decreasing and the individual is searching for “new”. When the borders of the life we live in and the decisions we make mix and turn into action, it gets into patchwork like situations. While the intensity of individuation of lifestyles decreases the need of human contact besides the necessity contact, it also forms the base for loss of existing dialogue.

The exhibition puts emphasis on different group of people bringing their identical and cultural features into the urban landscape that change for various reasons. What happens at the next phases of the transformed territory? It makes a suggestion on how these new masses who just arrived at these territories make a change regarding spaces and the identity of the territory. As the city transforms and the borders of living spaces become lively, we become visible according to space and conditions, just like a ghost, in the city. The fact of being a part of the transformation makes us form the historical memory of the territory we live in. The transforming site-specific lifestyles and habits bring along a new environment with it. As we imprison ourselves between the life we want to live and norms, we contact each other in time frames when we need each other with the borders we determined within the city.

In this context, “Dust of Time” tries to build a structure that makes these dystopic memories, formed by our transformed lives in these new environments, our lifestyles and the decisions we made, visible.

The exhibition will make a presentation regarding the unity of the works with different disciplines, making the contrasts that deformed the city culture and transforming it into being amorphous visible.