04 February 2016,

06 March 2016

Our growing-up turns into a significative identity over time. The condition of our past, having the quality of an archive, relates to our present and forms a keystone. Keystones appear as different imaginary and emotional forms, connecting our decisions that we have made.

Within this context, Elçin Ekinci’s sculpture installation can be read as the stations that question how important moments in our past and present are shaped with cultural forms. Mahmut Celayir’s paintings titled ‘‘King Road’’ can be seen as an individual journey, which turns common images of a landscape into abstract moments. Özgür Demirci’s installation titled ‘‘9 Station’’ is a personal archive, gathered by the artist trough his Gebze-Haydarpaşa train line journeys between 2002-2007. Sibel Kocakaya’s installation Untitled with photographs inside of a broken bowl shows the moments of cultural, symbolical and personal experiences of architectural images. Volkan Kızıltunç’s work titled ‘‘The Memory of Triology’’ appears as an archival installation composed with 8 mm films that the artist collected from different cities.

The exhibition Keystone focuses on the relation of personal archives and present time, bygathering artists from various disciplines.